It is at this stage that clients can appreciate the value of their insurance protection.

Assikura gives its clients the comfort that it will assist, support and guide them through the entire claims process. Assikura will handle, discuss and negotiate the claim with insurers and loss adjustors on the behalf of its clients and keep its clients informed on the progression of the claim.

Our objective is to help our clients receive the settlement they are entitled for. Policies are subject to terms, exceptions, conditions and limitations. It is in our interest that we ensure that these are interpreted in the client's interest.

We will assist, support and guide our clients to comply with the claims conditions of a policy, so that their position is not prejudiced in the event of a loss. It is therefore important that our clients seek the support of Assikura to guide them through the claims condition under the respective policy. 

Claims conditions vary from one policy to another but can encompass any of the following conditions;

1. notification to insurers as soon as possible in the event of any circumstance which may give rise to a claim.

2. taking any necessary action to prevent further loss or damage,

3. not admitting liability or responsibility to a third party in the event of a loss occurring,

4. reporting any loss to the respective authorities or police warden (E.g. motor accident, theft, etc. )

5. maintaining all necessary proof of the loss including damaged items

6. co-operating with and supporting insurers in providing all necessary claims documentation.

It is important to note that this list is not exhaustive.