We have a strong work ethic and are passionate about what we do in order to maintain our competitive advantage and provide security for our stakeholders. Our strong work ethic requires us to create accountability, identify each other’s strengths and to reward performance. A positive attitude is essential to develop our potential to the full.

Commitment to Service

We respond to each client as an individual while also providing the best possible products and services. We also provide excellent service to internal clients. We enjoy the challenge of responding to changing market needs and believe that professionalism in presentation and timeliness as well as consistency in approach are also paramount.

Creating Value for all stakeholders

Including clients, shareholders, staff and suppliers – we recognise that a win/win situation must exist between stakeholders as a win/lose situation will not stand the test of time. We commit to research and measure value on an ongoing basis.

Empowerment and Innovation

We create new opportunities by investing in continuous learning and we support innovation so that we can be constantly moving ahead. This includes empowerment of employees so that staff feels happy to suggest change and are supported when they demonstrate initiative. We value our staff and celebrate their successes and are proud to promote diversity and work life balance in our human resources practice. We want our people to look forward to coming to work so that our clients will look forward to their dealings with them!


We foster a respectful environment between staff, clients, intermediaries and suppliers.  This means that we endeavour to create an honest, sincere and communicative atmosphere to ensure trust so that these relationships will endure.   Regardless of position or career goals, compensation must be fair and commensurate with performance and working conditions orderly and safe.  Assikura’s management and staff must foster this atmosphere of trust and integrity between themselves first.